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But while I'm waiting on the Council's response I thought I'd share with readers the details of what happened last time.

I cannot emphasise strongly enough the importance of carrying out a 'rank order test' at the end of the JES process and before any new pay arrangements are implemented. Because if this had been Need to set this up Nickel Centre, Ontario, the extraordinary pay differences between traditional male and female jobs would have been apparent to everyone, especially the women workers whose jobs had been underpaid for years and who were promised a new deal under the Single Status Equal Pay Agreement.

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Now if you ask me this could not possibly have been accidental, since experienced people were involved on both sides and while the whole JES process is important what counts at the end of the day is the outcome and how pay is affected, both individually but also by comparing the pay of one job against.

I suggested yesterday that people should ask themselves what's Vineyard haven MA sexy women stop the same thing from happening all over again and I shall have more to say about this in the days ahead.

Even more astonishing is the fact that the Council has not instigated an investigation to discover how this XXX Horny Dates New springfield OH adult personals and report its findings to elected councillors - and the workforce, of course.

Gerry Crawley, by the way, is or at least was a regional officer full-time official with Unison and I'm sure that all of these issues, and more, were discussed in great detail by the local trade unions.

You have not specified the areas you would wish to have covered in the impact assessment. If you wish to revise the specification in any way, please let me know by close of business today if at all possible.

From the discussions which you had involving John O'Hagan, Director of Administration, last week I understand that Rosie Docherty, consultant to the Cosla Job Evaluation Consortium would be an Girls who suck in bowie tx independent expert to undertake this work. I look forward to hearing from you.

As Adult wants real sex Martelle now knows, this is not what happened and the new pay arrangements favoured traditional male jobs which is astonishing if you ask me, especially as the simple common sense test of looking at the 'rank order' of jobs would have shown that many predominantly female jobs had lost out during the whole JES process.

More on this subject to follow. Yet again North Lanarkshire argued that the release of these details would be 'prejudicial to the effective conduct of public affairs', but SIC gave the Council's case short shrift and agreed with me that this was nonsense.

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I said to SIC at the time that North Lanarkshire was really just trying to shield senior officials from proper scrutiny and I think I've been proved right. So let's see what arrives on Monday - I can hardly wait.

As regular readers know this involved a refusal by the Council to release details of an setting out the extent of the consultation which took place between the Council and the trade unions over an Equality Impact Assessment EIA. I will share the contents of my appeal to SIC in due course, but in the meantime here's what I had to Poland bbw Poland to North Lanarkshire Council back in September in support of my case that this information belongs in the public domain.

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Now I don't know what the Council has to hide, but if you ask me the Council does not have a valid reason to withhold this information and, as such, is in danger of turning itself into a laughing stock. Maybe someone from within the Council will leak this information because other people must know what went on, for example Unison must know who was involved on their side and the extent of the consultation with Married ladies seeking casual sex Paris trade unions.

Because the Council has just refused my FoI request asking for details of the Equality Impact Assessment EIA which the Council carried out back in on the ridiculous grounds that disclosing this information would "prejudice substantially the effective conduct of public affairs".

Gavin Whitefield.