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Want to share your feedback about the Mc Donald’s service but missed the chance at the store. No problem here’s a survey program by Mc Donald’s named McDVOICE where you can share your experience. It is a very easy process to share your feedback through this survey program.

How To Participate In McDonalds Survey?

To enroll yourself for McDVOICE and give your feedback, follow the steps given below:-

McDVoice Survey

  • Then you will be asked to enter 26 digit survey code printed on your Mc Donald’s bill.

Note- If you do not have this code printed on your bill you can click on ‘If you do not have 26 digit survey code printed on your bill, click here’ button. Where you will be asked to enter your order details including date and time of visit, order, the store id and total amount paid.

  • After you successfully entered all these details click on ‘start’.
  • Your survey will start; you will be asked some questions.
  • Then you will be asked for your feedback regarding the customer service, cleanliness, behavior of the employs and furthermore.
  • Then at the end of the survey, you will receive a verification code which can be redeemed at your next visit to Mc Donald’s.

About the company


Mc Donald’s is an American fast food company. The company was founded in 1940. It was all started by brother Richard and Maurice Mc Donald’s like a hamburger stand. Ray Croc, was amazed to see the sale of the restaurant, and that the customers don’t have to wait for their orders. He bought the franchise of hamburger from them. He made changes to the restaurant. Mc Donald’s headquarters was originally at Oak Brook, Illinois, but later in early 2018, they shifted to Chicago. On May 4, 1961, Ray Croc filed for the U.S. trademark under the name of Mc Donald’s and marked its description as ‘Drive-In restaurant services’.

Mc Donald’s thrive to serve almost 68 million customers every day in 101 countries, making it the number one quick-serving restaurant in the world. According to a stat, Mc Donald’s have more than 36,000 restaurants worldwide till the date.

McDonald’s is the fourth largest employer in the world, with around 1.7 million employees.

Products and services

Mc Donald’s have categorized their food products into ‘dine-in’ and ‘take-out’ food. Dine-in food is served on a plastic tray will take-out food is served in a brown paper bag with their logo on it. However, the food provided of both the categories is well packed inside a box or packets.

Not only hamburgers but Mc Donald’s also serve their customers with other food stuff like- cheeseburgers, French fries, chicken products, breakfast items, soft drinks, milkshakes, wraps, and desserts.

Mc download is marked to be the first 24/7 serving restaurant. Customers can call them anytime and can order food. They also provide 24/7 delivery. Later in 2014, the company also launched its Android app, providing customers to order without having to call them.

    Mc Donald’s is also known for its cleanliness, service, and quality. From providing quality food items to having a clean restaurant, Mc Donald’s is always a step ahead. A person can rely on them for providing good quality and clean environment.

    Being a well-known food brand Mc Donald’s is also ahead for charity. Mc Happy day is the annual event during which most of the sales go to the charity. It is the signature fundraising for Ronal MC Donald House Charities. According to Australian Mc, Happy day website in 2009, the company managed to raise the funds up to $20.04 million. In 2010, their aim was to raise the funds up to $20.08 million.

    Mc Donald’s is also working for animal welfare. In 2015, McDonald’s pledged to completely stop using battery cage eggs by the year 2025. Although the company purchases 2 billion eggs every year or we can say almost 5 % of the total eggs produced annually in the world. This step by MC Donald’s will have a great impact on the egg industries. In 2012, the company also pledged to limit the use of pork.

  Customer service

Mc Donald’s allows its customers to clear their doubts directly from their official website. Visit ( and you can question them or search your questions based on the categories listed. You can also call them at (1-800-244-6227). McDonald’s have fixed the timing for assisting them with their queries. You can call them on any day of the week between 7 AM to 7 PM C.T. (California Time).


This was a brief discussion about Mc Donald’s and the survey program provided by them. We hope that you did not face any problem in giving your feedback at the survey program. Thanks for reading the article, we hope you loved it.

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