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Burger King Survey

All of you might be known to the brand called Burger King, one of the biggest food restaurant worldwide. Did you recently made a visit to Burger King but forgot to share your experiences, and feeling a bit lazy to go to the store again to give your feedback. Not a problem here’s good news for you. MyBKExperience is a survey program launched by the company to know the feedback of their customers towards their services.

Process of the MyBKExperience survey

In order to take part in MyBKExperience survey and give your valuable feedback to the company follow the steps given below-

  • The very first step is to visit the official website (
  • After you have clicked on the linked given above, you will be prompted to a page asking you to enter the restaurant location number printed on your invoice.

Burger King Survey

  • Then you will be asked to enter a 15 digit survey code present at the bottom of your bill.
  • After you entered the code successfully, you will see a series of various questions.

Some of the questions that will be shown to you include-

  • Taste of the food.
  • Overall satisfaction.
  • The behavior of employees.
  • About cleanliness.
  • Quality of your food.
  • Delivery time of the food.
  • Price of the food.
  1. Answer all the questions correctly and then click on next.
  2. Now you will have to enter your personal information.
  3. Now the code will be displayed on the screen which you write down on your receipt which can later be redeemed for free whooper on the purchase of a beverage.

About the company

Burger King was founded in 1954. The whole story started when Keith J. Cramer and his wife’s uncle Matthew Burns on visiting MC Donald’s original store purchased two ‘insta-machines’ and started their own restaurant. They named the restaurant as ‘Insta Burger King’. The same year the restaurant went into financial problems.

Burger King Logo

It’s two Miami- based owner of the franchise David Edgerton and James MC Lamore purchased the company and renamed it as the ‘Burger King’. It was the turning point for the company. In 2010, 3G Capital, a global multi-million dollar investment firm purchased Burger King making it a privately- held company. In August 2014, 3G announced its plan to merge Canadian restaurant and coffee shop chain Tim Hortons with Burger King.

Foods and services

Earlier when the Burger King was knowns ‘Insta-Burger King’ their menu consisted few food items. Later when two of its franchisees purchased the brand they continued with enlarging the menu with new products. The very first menu of the company includes food items such as- basic hamburger, French fries, soft drinks, and desserts. After its two franchisees bought the company they continued by adding whopping sandwich, a quarter point hamburger to the menu. Burger King also serves vegetarian food, a well customized vegetarian food menu for Indians.

More than 11 million customers visit the burger king every day. Almost 13000 restaurants are serving in 100 countries. Providing a clean and hygienic environment to eat, and quality food items Burger King have completed almost 50 years of their excellent service.

Burger King is also known for its charity. The company has its two own charitable organizations. First one the ‘Have it your way foundation’. A U.S. based non-profit organization which mainly focuses on hunger alleviation, disease prevention, and community education through scholarships to college students. The other one is MC Lamore foundation. It is also a U.S. based non-profit organization, which focuses on providing scholarships to students in U.S.

Burger King had also supported research and medication for juvenile cancer. Each year they organize a fundraising program known as ‘A chance for kids’. The aim of this fundraising program is to help in the medication and education of children living in the U.S and it’s the territory. Basically what they do in this program is, they sell a Lottery styled scratch card is priced at $1. Each card has a winning price of food products and beverages. And one lucky person amongst the contestant will get the rarest card giving them a free trip or shopping sprees.

Customer service

Apart from the feedback program, Burger King also allows its customers to clear their doubts via email and call

For any queries customers can visit their contact page ( where they will find an option to email the company by filling up a contact form, customers can also call them at (1-866-394-2493) between 7 AM to 11 PM (CST).


This was the complete guide for you to participate in MyBKExperience survey program and give your precious survey to the company. We hope you didn’t face any difficulties in participating in the survey. Thank you for reading the article. We hope you like reading it. Stay connected.


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