NJMCdirect Payment Guide | Pay Your Traffic Ticket Online


Living in New Jersey and tried to find a way to pay your traffic ticket bill. New Jersey Municipal Court found a way to provide convenience to the civilians in paying their bill, i.e., NJMCdirect.

Process Of NJMCdirect Payment:-

This is the complete process to pay your traffic ticket bill through NJMCdirect:-


There are times allotted for the different days of the week to pay your traffic ticket bill through NJMCdirect.

  • Monday-Thursday: From 7:30 AM to 11:45 PM
  • On Friday: From 7:30 AM to 10:45 AM
  • On Saturday: From 7:30 AM to 3:45 PM
  • On Sunday: From 1:00 PM to 11:45 PM

If you are accessing the website during the given time you will be able to pay your ticket bill.

  1. The very first step involved in this process is accessing the official website of NJMCdirect (https://portal.njcourts.gov/webe11/atswepr2/home.do)
  2. Then you will see a page with some information about the allotted timings and the required information. After you have read the information click on ‘continue’.
  3. Then you will be prompted to a page asking you to enter counted, ticket prefix, ticket number, and license plate number.
  4. After you have successfully entered this information, click on continue.
  5. A page will appear displaying the total amount you need to pay. Click on pay.
  6. Thereafter you will be prompted to a payment portal asking you to enter the mode of payment.
  7. After you have entered all the credentials, confirm. Your bill is paid.

Convenience fees:-

A small amount is charged on every bill. Convenience fees vary on varying penalty amount.

  • For bill between $1-40: convenience fees is $1
  • For bill between $41-87: convenience fees is $2
  • For bill between $88-200: convenience fees is $3
  • For bill greater than$200: convenience fees is $4

About NJMCdirect:-

NJMCdirect is the online payment method by New Jersey Municipal Court for paying the bill of traffic tickets. NJMC is convenient to pay your traffic bills online. NJMCdirect offers civilian the easiest method to pay their traffic bill online. It is their official payment portal made for the convenience of the civilians. These three modes of payment can be used to pay the bill:-

  1. Online with debit or credit card.
  2. Personal payment.
  3. Cheque to the municipality office.

Rules and regulations to be followed:-

  • Your ticket should not be outdated.
  • No warrants should be held on the ticket you want to pay.
  • You can only view tickets on the website for up to 90 days.
  • Your traffic ticket should be of a payable violation type.

Advantages of NJMCdirect:-

  • Earlier it was difficult to pay the bill as you have to search where to pay your bills. And if the situation is severe a trial may be held against you. After the launch of the NJMCdirect, it is less hassle work for you to pay the bill online.
  • You can find all the information related to your traffic ticket bill anytime anywhere whenever you need.


Security: – ePayItOnline provides a very secure server to a customer be it their transactions or any kind of personal information. The company limits the use of the user’s personal information to an extent until much needed. The money is securely transferred from the customer’s bank account or e-wallet to the company’s account without much hassle. ePayItOnline ensure the hassle-free experience and security provided to each user.

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Coverage:- As already mentioned above ePayItOnline allows the user to pay their bill anytime anywhere and this is what makes this bill payment system unique and only one of its own kind.

Supported browsers:-

  • Internet Explorer.
  • Netscape.
  • Firefox
  • AQI


We hope this article helped you with the complete process of paying your traffic ticket bill. We hope you like reading it. Thanks for reading.


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